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Wainwright Recreation Complex


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Wainwright Recreation Complex
Parking Lot
Playground Picnic Area
Ice Rink
Softball 1
Softball 2
Softball 3
Softball 4
Softball 5
Softball Batting Cage
Softball Open Space
Baseball 1
Baseball 2
Baseball Batting Cage
Multipurpose Field 1
Multipurpose Field 2
Multipurpose Field 3
Multipurpose Field 4
Multipurpose Field 5
Multipurpose Field 6
Multipurpose Field 7
Soccer Field A
Soccer Field B
Soccer Field C
Soccer Field D
Soccer Field E
Soccer Field F
Soccer Field G
Soccer Field H
Soccer Field I
Quad B - Field B3
Quad B - Field B4
Quad C - Field C1
Quad C - Field C2
Quad C - Field C3
Quad C - Field C4
Quad C - Field C5
Quad D - Field D1
Quad D - Field D2
Quad D - Field D3
Quad D - Field D4
Quad D - Field D5
Quad E - Field E1
Quad E - Field E2
Quad E - Field E3
Quad E - Field E4
Quad C
Quad D
Quad E
Multipurpose Field 8
MS Lax Field

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Facility Information

125 Gary L. Maietta Parkway
South Portland, ME 04106

Facility Info
Whether you are looking for athletic fields, Ice rink, Ski trails, or a place to recreate Wainwright Recreation Complex is the hidden gem of South Portland. Wainwright Complex has over 66 acres of developed athletic fields which include: baseball, softball, boys and girls lacrosse, soccer, hurling and football. Wainwright also plays host to the Greenbelt Walkway that connects a 5 mile bike/walking trail to Bug Light Park. In The Winter months Wainwright turns in to a Winter Wonderland filled with opportunities to Skate on the Ice Rink, use our Cross Country Skiing groomed trails, and snowshoeing around the complex.

Other Information

Hours of operation change based on the season.
The complex and Playscape are open to the public from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday - Friday. 
All Athletic Fields are available for rent and are only allowed to be used by those who have obtained a permit from the South Portland Recreation Dept. For more information on field availability and rental fees please review of Department Facility Rental Policy or contact Rick Perruzzi with the South Portland Recreation Dept. at 767-7650 or 
Dogs are allowed on leash only and not allowed on any athletic field area (including fenced in fields, any field lined, or any area that is used for organized activities), please view our General User Policy for more information.

Basic Wainwright Do's and Don't
History of The Wainwright Recreation Complex
Information on the Ice Rink and Ski Trails